Sofia Carson – Album Trailer

Sofia Carson’s debut album releases on March 25th, 2022.

Her Story
She’s falling for a love that feels like “Fool’s Gold”…
A kiss that feels like “Sugar”…
And when they’re together, it feels like their love is “Timeless”….
Until one day, he looks into her eyes and says I “Love You, But…”
Tears fall down her face like rain…
But she holds her head high, he will never deserve more from her than “Two Tears In A Bucket…”
Even though every part of her wishes that he would “Stay”.
Because her truth is, “I Still Love You…”
And every night, as she looks up at the sky, she wonders “Cómo, Cuándo y Dónde”…
Until she realizes, she’s more than OK….she’s LOUD.
Because “It’s Only Love, Nobody Dies”.