I Hope You Know (Official Audio)

Today (January 26, 2024) multi-platinum, award-winning singer, and songwriter, Sofia Carson unveils her latest single “I Hope You Know.

Co-written by Grammy® nominated writer Steph Jones & Stephen Wrabel, and produced by Stuart Crichton, the piano-driven ballad perfectly captures the immense whirlwind of feeling that accompanies falling in love: infatuation, awe, an utter inability to express the depths of your adoration. In a testament to her exquisite vocal command and the pure eloquence of her performance, Carson fully embodies that sense of overwhelm while delivering each line with breathtaking elegance.

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In bringing the song to life, lyrics were imbued with both lovestruck poetry and candid confession. Set against a lilting melody that cuts straight to the heart, the achingly tender track opens in stark simplicity but slowly takes on potent momentum, precisely echoing the sublime intensity of surrendering to love. With its graceful beats and lush guitar work, “I Hope You Know” reaches a glorious peak at the bridge, when harmonies meet with Carson’s delicate yet soulful vocals to stunning effect.

As Carson reveals, “I Hope You Know” achieves its powerful emotionality thanks in part to her decision to build the song around a series of live vocal takes. The result: a truly timeless love song that soars to cinematic heights, all while remaining grounded in a soul-stirring intimacy.