Joke’s On Me (Official Live Performance Music Video)

Following the powerful narrative of her acclaimed single “I Hope You Know,” multi-platinum and award-winning singer-songwriter Sofia Carson returns with the next chapter of her love story with “Joke’s On Me.” Carson shares the story of a broken heart, shattered by the illusion of a love that wasn’t real. “Joke’s on Me” is available February 23, on Apple Music and Spotify via Hollywood Records. The live performance music video, directed by Kyle Goldberg- with one camera and in one take- premieres at midnight EST on YouTube, followed by a YouTube Live After Party hosted by Carson.

Written by Carson alongside her longtime collaborator Johan Carlsson (Céline Dion, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry), “Joke’s On Me” unfolds as a timeless addition to Carson’s illustrious discography, showcasing her unparalleled talent for storytelling and emotive vocal delivery. This time around, her refined yet unbridled vocal work serves as a vessel for a pure outpouring of hurt and regret, perfectly rendered in her sparse but poetic lyrics (e.g., “Did you know that you were full of shiny tricks, promises never kept? Illusionist”). Opening on a piano melody that instantly conjures the quiet devastation of heartache, “Joke’s On Me” sets that outpouring to a gorgeously orchestrated backdrop graced with sorrowful cello lines and ethereal synth tones—ultimately bringing to life ineffable, painful, beauty.